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Desktop pc building,how weak power supply affect performance

You may thing its some wrong with motherboard, but in my case it was errors du low power drain. newer computer . use more watt thats my experience

PC might not be able to deliver enough power to certain computer parts, thus having them perform less. Usually, when this is the case though, the part will just flash a failure instead of clocking down to adjust for the power it is receiving.

i get this error keyboard interface error, cant detect it.

reddit also claim computer auto shut down

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How 6502 work and varribles in program who run from modular software structures

6502 cpu wil help you learn c better   

see toturial on youtube 

an advance topic melt down to baisic blocks of knowledge, or branch to more either more advance or basic.

  • this not a guide
  • its litle bit mixed topic.

variable or scalar is a storage location  identified by a memory address, memory adress can be stored on hardrives , containing oppcode and value + adress to other  places on hardrive. containg all kinds of information, adresses to for example statement functions.  mutch like blochain, and mining consept. always shows the adress to next block, so machine can extract the block. maybe alitle off road, if you dont have basic understanding on crypto…. cpu external  memory controll prosesses flow  from software on hardisk.  a linux kernel work on harware and live on hardrive. like people who lives in towns but work in citys.  stupid dayly life explination! variables in memory get either uploaded or executed <<<< based on controll comands in cmd prompt terminal. enember linux kernel is midle man. that do all the shity works. for the GUI Terminal that you can get viewed on screen. based on syncronized GPU,  im not sure if it s comunicating directly with GPU via kernel, due it need to lunch some library code to be able

Marco Cavallini - Yocto Project, an automatic generator of embedded L…

Pretty un secure if this is right<<<<<<<<<< sugestion Aplication layer is more like your work bench and tool system, and it’s also interacting whit GUI important part off software application .GUI is a layer in the application module, aplication are a layer of  linux  read more <<<<<<<

I belive this guy or wommen knows better than me what are layer vs modules

Kernel (operating system) - Wikipedia




see video

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