this is altmuligman. maybe some of you have heard about me. hope you do all weel in this shity times 2020. many people loss work, and mining is a way to get passiv income. i mean with right equoment an price on each kilo watt. norway has some time very cheap ac curent running from the weet rainy mountain to your house outlet. why not benefit from it.<<<Im building a litecoin pool, for my friends and myself in the smal crypto mining comunity of norway. im doing this cource on to build your own mining pool.   

i was born in about mid 1980s , when a normal household had no advanced electronic. my father bougt me a computer very early. at age of 6-7 i became interested in computer. due lack of friends and  several unstable reason.  i asume you need to understan linux , but need to start on the smalest building bloocks. thats infact electro physics , and followed by electro components, later flip flops and latches. this take years to just get a basic overview.

the cource, is great but my linux skills lack, due im not a profecional c programming person. more into assembly programming and microprocessor architecture. software is my weak side. hardware is my strong side. therefore i can deliver the low level view of the kernel. if you are beginner and need to know how to get started on c programming,

  • you should be familliar with assembly, if want to becom linux wizard. many will disagre. but atleast my brain is not wired to understand a conespt before i have basic puzle piece understanding. see the serie of mad max on youtube, he will introduce you. after episode 10 or 11 beneater ,wil guide you further.



the  kernel is broken down to

Kernel Services

The basic UNIX kernel can be broken into four main subsystems:

Process Management <<<<hwere process management in operating system 

modules run in kernel, you play whit them in the GUI where command is located. read more

C — Programming language to write Linux kernel modules. But we can not use normal C syntax for some cases in kernel module programs. All official guide can be found here. Please go through it if you are not familiar. + you need to have insight in c programming


Memory Management<<The C programming language is a general purpose programming language, which relates closely to the way machines work. Understanding how computer memory works is an important aspect of the C programming language ,that make you capable in understanding  linux kernel modules.they are the midle man between the visible syncronzed GUI (gpu stuff) os and the prossesor and memory that controll and interact other hardware in a of cource syncronzed order. we have harware component like gpu. that maybe displays syncroinsed graphic,related to what it runs. or interact with + other network server.


I/O Management

File Management< this is straight forward like name sugest