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Eeasythreed x1 mini marlin

x1 3d printeres brakes very easy. either harware or software. You need visual studio to flash marlin download that, in the extensions menu find “PlatformIO IDE. if you have slow net. recomand a download manager.

you find more details here on reddit

i think bugs apear in the x1 board .bugs such as stepper motor failure. consider finding calibation settings from the net. for that printer u have. setting are uniqe. due your fixed printer may also be. exept this fix. x1 n marlinn not unique. do calibration your self wil take long time. marlin is the firmware u need to download and flash. working whit 3d printers is payn in ass. always some stuff who brakes. extruder jhead electronic drivers bugs. i have a prima creator im trying to get up n run. planning to buy a dedicated board who also can run as it was an arduino with a 2560 ramps 1.4. whit touch screen.


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3d print project on vertical wind turbine and motor generator comming mai 16 2021

the death line is mai 16 2021 .all parts will be avadable here  see youtube on generator


more is comming just saying. the goal about green-fox-3d is to create green micro production.  projects here may also be time consuming. and in mean time waiting for parts. starting new projects. i also do write smal arduino program, not extremly god at it, not talented. but know very basic. it get job done. so question is not how far you get with an uno. but how we can optimize , and create inovative solutions. for practical chalenges. using right equipment for right aplications



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what is a mature coin

in staking, you hold coins to vertify transactions. you hold a sertain mout of coins on your core wallet, on desktop computer. you have an update version of blockchain. if there are miners in network you will be choozen as validator ,when they have mined a specific block. this has to do with safety. your computer has a copy of blochain,,syncronized with other computer. it only shecks if the new block is valid or a real btc block. using consensus mechanism. this is a protocol inplemented trough alorytems on partisipating network computer, comunicating peer to peer network. dlt is distributed ledger tecnology. it holds info on group of blocks. its tecnically same on all nodes . it also cointain a hash signature of the next an previous block in the chain.  it also shows on what wallet network node the block gruops are located. when miners want to mine bloock they need to know the hash adress to next block being mined. the previous block on network has info on the new block , and its required to vertyfy if its the right block.  thats where staking comes in. you hold an amout of coins on your node, vertifying that the mined block is a bitcoin or litecoin. consensus mechanism protocol. It sounds very simple; just hold some crypto and receive a reward, but there is a lot more involved. With the Proof-of-Work mechanism. there are also profe of stake are list of staking pools

mature coins mean that a pool has no controll over a confirmed block intil 100 other blocks from mining has been confirmed. do not mix this with trancactions block confirmations. they have less confirms. there are less trust in new blocks. your mined bloock has mature, when 100 other blocks has been confirmed. usually 100-400.

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Desktop pc building,how weak power supply affect performance

You may thing its some wrong with motherboard, but in my case it was errors du low power drain. newer computer . use more watt thats my experience

PC might not be able to deliver enough power to certain computer parts, thus having them perform less. Usually, when this is the case though, the part will just flash a failure instead of clocking down to adjust for the power it is receiving.

i get this error keyboard interface error, cant detect it.

reddit also claim computer auto shut down

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Docker for pi network crypto node explained start mining in my crew

Crypto ecosystems are made on diferent platforms. run all type of their own blockchain like system. solving math equations is most common. the phone sends out hash. to solve a block. that is located not sure. but there may be a million way to solve a block. other than mining.  join my pi network crew

you need to autorize it whit facebook



When you buy something from a webshop  located in china, you pay for shipping cost now days. you use dhl shipping or china-post. In that maner you sell somthing for pi coin, over internett. docker transport the neesary data around to other nodes, comunicating with modules and layers in those node. they run on your comuper in java envoriment. ok docker is pretty high level. but shold work on linux as weel.  in order so you can get the crypto graphic data coins.  docker is like the infrastructure, for the nodes on our comuter running aplications trough ports under your ip, conected to your private server, where the magic happen. if you want to recive payment, trough your woocomerce,you must point a payment gateway, to your port, and corect wallet adress. your node is local and the adress money container is syncronized whith network. the closest avadable network syncronized pi node to yor wordpress hosting desktop node server . it know that ip where your pi chain adress is located.  so it  must have a map of other nodes , in order to send it to your port assosiated whit your ip.

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How 6502 work and varribles in program who run from modular software structures

6502 cpu wil help you learn c better   

see toturial on youtube 

an advance topic melt down to baisic blocks of knowledge, or branch to more either more advance or basic.

  • this not a guide
  • its litle bit mixed topic.

variable or scalar is a storage location  identified by a memory address, memory adress can be stored on hardrives , containing oppcode and value + adress to other  places on hardrive. containg all kinds of information, adresses to for example statement functions.  mutch like blochain, and mining consept. always shows the adress to next block, so machine can extract the block. maybe alitle off road, if you dont have basic understanding on crypto…. cpu external  memory controll prosesses flow  from software on hardisk.  a linux kernel work on harware and live on hardrive. like people who lives in towns but work in citys.  stupid dayly life explination! variables in memory get either uploaded or executed <<<< based on controll comands in cmd prompt terminal. enember linux kernel is midle man. that do all the shity works. for the GUI Terminal that you can get viewed on screen. based on syncronized GPU,  im not sure if it s comunicating directly with GPU via kernel, due it need to lunch some library code to be able

Marco Cavallini - Yocto Project, an automatic generator of embedded L…

Pretty un secure if this is right<<<<<<<<<< sugestion Aplication layer is more like your work bench and tool system, and it’s also interacting whit GUI important part off software application .GUI is a layer in the application module, aplication are a layer of  linux  read more <<<<<<<

I belive this guy or wommen knows better than me what are layer vs modules

Kernel (operating system) - Wikipedia




see video

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Linux kernel fundamental guide to understand on assembly level

this is altmuligman. maybe some of you have heard about me. hope you do all weel in this shity times 2020. many people loss work, and mining is a way to get passiv income. i mean with right equoment an price on each kilo watt. norway has some time very cheap ac curent running from the weet rainy mountain to your house outlet. why not benefit from it.<<<Im building a litecoin pool, for my friends and myself in the smal crypto mining comunity of norway. im doing this cource on to build your own mining pool.   

i was born in about mid 1980s , when a normal household had no advanced electronic. my father bougt me a computer very early. at age of 6-7 i became interested in computer. due lack of friends and  several unstable reason.  i asume you need to understan linux , but need to start on the smalest building bloocks. thats infact electro physics , and followed by electro components, later flip flops and latches. this take years to just get a basic overview.

the cource, is great but my linux skills lack, due im not a profecional c programming person. more into assembly programming and microprocessor architecture. software is my weak side. hardware is my strong side. therefore i can deliver the low level view of the kernel. if you are beginner and need to know how to get started on c programming,

  • you should be familliar with assembly, if want to becom linux wizard. many will disagre. but atleast my brain is not wired to understand a conespt before i have basic puzle piece understanding. see the serie of mad max on youtube, he will introduce you. after episode 10 or 11 beneater ,wil guide you further.



the  kernel is broken down to

Kernel Services

The basic UNIX kernel can be broken into four main subsystems:

Process Management <<<<hwere process management in operating system 

modules run in kernel, you play whit them in the GUI where command is located. read more

C — Programming language to write Linux kernel modules. But we can not use normal C syntax for some cases in kernel module programs. All official guide can be found here. Please go through it if you are not familiar. + you need to have insight in c programming


Memory Management<<The C programming language is a general purpose programming language, which relates closely to the way machines work. Understanding how computer memory works is an important aspect of the C programming language ,that make you capable in understanding  linux kernel modules.they are the midle man between the visible syncronzed GUI (gpu stuff) os and the prossesor and memory that controll and interact other hardware in a of cource syncronzed order. we have harware component like gpu. that maybe displays syncroinsed graphic,related to what it runs. or interact with + other network server.


I/O Management

File Management< this is straight forward like name sugest

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