x1 3d printeres brakes very easy. either harware or software. You need visual studio to flash marlin download that, in the extensions menu find “PlatformIO IDE. if you have slow net. recomand a download manager.

you find more details here on reddit

i think bugs apear in the x1 board .bugs such as stepper motor failure. consider finding calibation settings from the net. for that printer u have. setting are uniqe. due your fixed printer may also be. exept this fix. x1 n marlinn not unique. do calibration your self wil take long time. marlin is the firmware u need to download and flash. working whit 3d printers is payn in ass. always some stuff who brakes. extruder jhead electronic drivers bugs. i have a prima creator im trying to get up n run. planning to buy a dedicated board who also can run as it was an arduino with a 2560 ramps 1.4. whit touch screen.