Crypto ecosystems are made on diferent platforms. run all type of their own blockchain like system. solving math equations is most common. the phone sends out hash. to solve a block. that is located not sure. but there may be a million way to solve a block. other than mining.  join my pi network crew

you need to autorize it whit facebook



When you buy something from a webshop  located in china, you pay for shipping cost now days. you use dhl shipping or china-post. In that maner you sell somthing for pi coin, over internett. docker transport the neesary data around to other nodes, comunicating with modules and layers in those node. they run on your comuper in java envoriment. ok docker is pretty high level. but shold work on linux as weel.  in order so you can get the crypto graphic data coins.  docker is like the infrastructure, for the nodes on our comuter running aplications trough ports under your ip, conected to your private server, where the magic happen. if you want to recive payment, trough your woocomerce,you must point a payment gateway, to your port, and corect wallet adress. your node is local and the adress money container is syncronized whith network. the closest avadable network syncronized pi node to yor wordpress hosting desktop node server . it know that ip where your pi chain adress is located.  so it  must have a map of other nodes , in order to send it to your port assosiated whit your ip.